Friday, May 29, 2015

Ask Linda #1072-Interference from telephone pole

My second shot on the par-4 8th hole went left of the green, hit the side slope of the green, bounced across the cart path and ended up behind a telephone pole. I had a swing but the pole was directly between my ball and the green. My playing partners said there was no relief available because the pole and an electrical box on the pole were permanent obstructions. My other playing partner suggested playing two balls as per doubt of procedure (Rule 3-3). 
If I went left of the pole, I risked going into the back bunker. If I went to the right I would be playing back toward an area left of the green. I played to the right and was able to just catch the front left-hand corner of the fringe. I was able to get up and down for bogey. 
Should I have been granted relief?
Lou from New Jersey

Dear Lou,

There is no line-of-play relief from an obstruction, Lou. If the telephone pole doesn't interfere with your stance or the area of your intended swing, you must play the ball as it lies [Rule 24-2a].

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