Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ask Linda #1071-Pick up found club

Hi Linda,
Another question for you! We were playing in a competition yesterday, and, upon approaching the green, noticed that one the team ahead of us had left their pitching wedge on the side of the green. Each of us had 14 clubs in our bag. Could we pick up the club? One of the older golfers at the club advised that we could, as long as we held the club outside of our bags....I couldn't find a ruling on this, and thought to ask the expert!!

Hope all is well.

All the best,
Lulu from Ireland

Dear Lulu,

If a player carrying 14 clubs finds another player’s club on the golf course, she may carry it in her bag until she drops it off at the pro shop or hands it over to a ranger. There is no penalty unless she uses the club [Decision 4-4a/8].


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