Monday, May 18, 2015

Ask Linda #1063-Exposed lining in bunker

Dear Linda,
We often have the lining exposed in our bunkers. Would the lining fall under the definition of an immovable obstruction if interference occurs as described under Rule 24-2a and may the player take relief under Rule 24-2b(ii)?
Thank you!
Lulu from Texas

Dear Lulu,

The plastic lining in a bunker is, by Definition, an obstruction. As such, a player would be entitled to relief under Rule 24-1 if it is movable or Rule 24-2b (ii) if it is immovable. However, if the exposed lining is unlikely to hinder a player in her play, the Committee may adopt a Local Rule declaring the lining to be an integral part of the course, which would prevent a player from obtaining free relief.

You will have to check with an authority at your golf course to find out whether such a Local Rule is in effect.

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