Friday, May 22, 2015

Ask Linda #1067-Repair hole plug on green

Hi Linda,
When the greenkeeper makes a new hole on the green and fills in the old hole with that plug, sometimes the edges of the new plugged hole become raised (especially during winter – frost, de-frosting, ground swelling). My fellow golf companion today told me we’re not allowed to pat down this new plugged hole (with our putters, for example) – I always thought we could. Is she correct?  And therefore if I did pat the old plug down would I get a 2-stroke penalty for improving my line of putt?

Lulu from NZ

Dear Lulu,

Players are always entitled to repair old hole plugs on the green [Rule 16-1c]. This Rule has been around forever – I can’t imagine where your companion got her information.

And to dispel another myth, you may repair the old hole plug (and ball marks) whether or not your ball lies on the green.

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