Friday, May 1, 2015

Ask Linda #1052-Two holes on green

Hi Linda,
We have a situation at our golf club. It is a regulation size course - not executive. The management has recently started to put in 8" holes on 4 of our holes every weekend. They say they will also have a "regulation" size hole (so in effect 2 holes on the green). My question is - because there is an obstruction (8" hole) on the green, does it negate using my score for handicap purposes (even though I would putt out to the regulation size hole)?
Lulu from British Columbia, Canada

Dear Lulu,

The additional eight-inch hole on the green would be a hole made by a greenkeeper, and is classified as ground under repair [Definition of “Ground Under Repair”]. If the hole interferes with your stance, area of intended swing, or line of putt, you are entitled to free relief.  You must place it on the green at the nearest point of relief that is not in a hazard and is no closer to the hole [Rule 25-1b (iii)]. If the nearest point of relief is off the putting green, that is where you must place the ball.

If you happen to putt your ball into the wrong hole, count the stroke and take free relief as explained above.

Holes made by a greenkeeper are a normal occurrence on a golf course and relief is covered under the Rules –your score should be posted.

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