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Ask Linda #1054-Hit from wrong tee. Lift ball to ID without marking.


I love to read your blog every day. Thanks.

I have 2 questions.

1. We were playing in a stroke competition and hitting from the Gold tees. On one of the holes, three of us were kind of late in going to the tee box because we were comparing the scores from the last holes we had played. Before we can stop the fourth guy we saw him hit from the wrong tee (Silver). Then he hit another ball as a provisional. We pointed out to him his mistake and he corrected it by hitting from the correct tee. Are we correct in giving him 2 penalty stokes instead of 3?
Can we consider this violation under making practice stroke?   

2. On another hole the same guy lifted his ball from the bunker for identification without announcing and putting a tee as a marker behind the ball. We gave him a 2-stroke penalty. I know there is NO penalty as long as you announce to your fellow competitor that you are going to lift your ball for identification and then put a marker and then replace the ball to it's original position regardless if the ball is in the bunker or through the green.

Thanks again Linda,
Lou from Daly City, California

Dear Lou,

Question #1
In stroke play, the penalty for playing from the wrong teeing ground is two strokes. The player must correct the error by playing from the correct teeing ground. Do not count the stroke from the Silver tee, or any strokes made afterwards. When he hits his ball from the Gold tee, it will be his third shot on the hole [Rule 11-4b].

There is no penalty in match play. The player’s opponent has the option to recall the player’s stroke [Rule 11-4a].

Question #2
When a player wishes to lift his ball for identification, he must announce his intention and mark it before lifting it. His opponent or fellow competitor must have an opportunity to observe the process. He may only clean the ball as much as necessary to identify it. If he does not comply with any or all of the above requirements, the penalty is one stroke [Rule 12-2]. So if he were to announce his intention but not wait for someone to watch, or lift the ball without marking it and clean it completely, or violate most of the requirements of this Rule (as did the player in your narrative), the penalty is still only one stroke. It will only increase to two strokes if he fails to replace the ball correctly.

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