Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ask Linda #1056a-Follow-up to #1056

Hi Linda,

I have a follow up question for you in relation to #1056.

What would be the correct course of action in the situation described if the player who hit first did ask the player whose ball was close by to mark and lift his/her ball (which, as you note, is a good option to take under Rule 22-2), and then, in the process of making his/her shot disturbed the sand where the other ball was marked (or even dislodged the marker)? Is the other player entitled to restore the sand in some way, whether by raking or otherwise, to restore his/her lie to as close to the original condition as possible?
Kind Regards,
Lou from Vancouver Island, Canada  

Dear Lou,

Not only is the player entitled to restore his lie, he is required to do so [Rule 20-3b (iii)]. When a player’s lie in a bunker has been altered by another player’s action, he must restore the original lie as best he can and place the ball in that lie.

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