Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ask Linda #1767-Ball moves when addressed

Hi Linda,
Someone is on the fairway of the 9th hole and his ball is sitting up nicely. He grounds his wedge behind the ball and the ball rolls onto the clubface of the wedge. The player walks away and goes through his pre-shot routine again, leaving the ball in its new position. He then proceeds to play to the green, holes out and carries on his round.

What are the penalties incurred and is there any major damage done through not rectifying the error before he teed off on the 10th?

Lou from the Sunshine Coast Australia

Dear Lou,

The penalty for moving your ball in play is one stroke. If the ball is not replaced, the penalty increases to two strokes. There is no additional penalty and no need to rectify the error before teeing off on the next hole [Rule 18-2 and the Penalty Statement].

In match play, the player loses the hole if he makes a stroke at the ball he failed to replace after causing it to move. It would be a one-stroke penalty if he replaced the ball before he hit it, and he would have to advise his opponent of the penalty if his opponent did not observe it. Failure to inform his opponent as soon as practicable that he has incurred a penalty would result in loss of hole [Rule 9-2b].

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