Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ask Linda #1751-Run over own ball with cart


Match play ruling

In search of your own ball, you ran over it with your own cart, causing the ball to become embedded. What is the ruling? Is it loss of hole? Do you drop or place the ball? What is the penalty??
Lulu from Modesto, California

Dear Lulu,

In running over her own ball with her own equipment, the player has caused her ball in play to move. The penalty is one stroke, and she must replace the ball [Rule 18-2]. Since the original lie was altered, she must place the ball as close as possible to where it originally lay. That spot must be within one club-length, no closer to the hole, and not in a hazard [Rule 20-3b]. If the original lie was not known, the Note to Rule 20-3b applies – the player must drop the ball as near as possible to where it lay.

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