Friday, June 15, 2018

Ask Linda #1759-Successive blind shots probably in hazard

Hi Linda,
While playing in a foursomes stroke competition recently, on a course strange to us, my partner hit a ball well right of the fairway but out of sight as there was a hill in our line of vision. Our opponents said: "that ball may be lost – you better play a provisional." We then played a further 3 balls off the tee – all provisionals in a similiar direction, and said "hopefully we will find one of them!"
When we got to the spot where we expected to find them we found there was a large hazard with red stakes. We could not find any of the 4 balls we had hit and we decided and our opposition agreed it was reasonably certain all 4 had gone into the hazard. So we dropped a ball at the point we felt the first ball had crossed the hazard and played our third shot from that point. Did we play correctly?
Kind regards,
Lou from Ireland

Dear Lou,

Assuming the topography was such that a ball not found was virtually certain to be in the lateral hazard, you played correctly. The drop would be within two club-lengths of the spot where you estimate the first ball crossed the margin of the hazard, and the next stroke would be your third shot on the hole.

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