Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ask Linda #1762-Double hit?

Hi Linda.
While attempting to chip a ball toward the green, I stubbed my club into the ground. My club did not make contact with the ball but the grass caused the ball to pop into the air. During my follow through, my club struck the ball and moved it forward.
Although my club only contacted the ball once, one player told me this was a double-hit while another thought I should be penalized for causing the ball to move.
Thank you
Lou from Ontario

Dear Lou,

A stroke is the forward movement of the club with the intention to hit the ball [Definition of “Stroke”]. There is no requirement that the club actually contact the ball (hence a whiff is a stroke). Similar to a well-executed bunker shot, where the club strikes the sand but not the ball, your stroke hit the ground, which caused the ball to move. When your club contacted the ball on your follow through, you incurred the one-stroke penalty for contacting the ball more than once during a stroke [Rule 14-4].

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