Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ask Linda #1647-Legal tees

Good evening once again Linda,
What is the ruling regarding height of tee? Also, are you allowed to put two tees on top of one another? I may have lost our club’s championship at the weekend to the golfer who may have contravened the rule. I eagerly wait for your advice. 
Kind regards,
Lou from Greenvale, Victoria, Australia

Dear Lou,

If you look up “Tee” in the index to the rulebook, you will be directed to “definition” (located in Appendix IV) and “use of non-conforming tee” (located in Rule 11-1).

You will learn from the definition that a tee must not be longer than four inches (101.6 mm). A tee that is longer than four inches is non-conforming. You may put one tee on top of another, provided the finished product does not measure more than four inches.

When you flip to Rule 11-1, you will discover that a player who makes a stroke at a ball on a non-conforming tee is disqualified.

Any time you encounter something unusual (such as a player using the tallest tee you have ever seen), you should question the player. By asking the question, you will alert the player to a possible breach of the Rules and give him (and you!) the opportunity to check in the rulebook or consult an official. If the player insists that it is legal, you should tell him that you want to review it with the Committee before signing your scorecard.

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