Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ask Linda #1637-Twig on rake in bunker

Hi Linda,
After a very windy night many twigs (quite large twigs) were brought down to the ground. One of my fellow competitors hit his ball into a greenside bunker and it finished underneath a rake with a twig on top of the rake, making it impossible to move the rake without moving the loose impediment.

Should he have lifted the twig, removed the rake, and then replaced the twig in the position where it would have been had the rake not been there?

There really are some odd situations that arise on a golf course that give us food for thought!

Regards as always,
Lou from Lincolnshire, UK

Dear Lou,

Yes. The player must replace the twig after he removes the rake. If he fails to do so, he incurs a two-stroke penalty in stroke play, loss of hole in match play [Rule 1-4]. This is an equity ruling based on Rule 13-4c.

This precise situation is explained in Decision 1-4/5. I would highly recommend you read it.

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