Friday, November 10, 2017

Ask Linda #1643-Ask caddie to align ball

While I can ask my caddie to lift the ball when on the green, can I ask the caddie, after cleaning, to place the ball on the green such that the line on the ball (manufacturer's line) shows the line of putt?
Lou from Vietnam

Dear Lou,

Yes. If you authorized your caddie to lift the ball, he may replace it. In replacing the ball, you may ask him to line the ball up any way you wish. Note that if your caddie did not lift the ball, he may not replace it. Only the player, his partner, or the person who lifted the ball may replace it [Rule 20-3a].

On a related topic, please remember that only three people are entitled to mark and lift a player’s ball – the player, the player’s partner, or another person authorized by the player [Rule 20-1]. Always ask or wait for permission from another player before marking and lifting his ball.

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