Friday, November 3, 2017

Ask Linda #1638-Play from wrong teeing ground

Player accidentally tees off from wrong tees. What is the penalty?
Lou from California

Dear Lou,

Playing from the wrong teeing ground is the same as playing from outside the teeing ground, which is addressed in Rule 11-4.

In match play, there is no penalty. The player’s opponent has two choices: ignore the error, or require the player to cancel the stroke and play from the correct teeing ground. Strategy will play an important role in making this decision.

In stroke play, there is a two-stroke penalty. The player must correct the error by playing from the correct teeing ground. If he tees off on the next hole without correcting the mistake, he is disqualified. The stroke from outside the teeing ground (or from the wrong teeing ground) and any subsequent strokes do not count in the player’s score for the hole. Count all his strokes on the hole played from the correct teeing ground plus the two-stroke penalty.

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