Monday, May 29, 2017

Ask Linda #1540-Putt right- and left-handed

Hi Linda,
I have a two-faced putter. I have found I putt longer putts better right-handed and short putts better left or backhanded. I believe a putter can be used this way. But to confirm, in tournament play, can I use both sides of the putter in a round?
Note: Someone said with the old double-faced chippers it was not legal to use both faces. But my question is referring only to a Bullseye-like putter.
Lou from Corning, New York

Dear Lou,

You may putt right-handed or left-handed. In fact, you may swing any club in your bag right-handed or left-handed. I’m sure you have seen right-handed players swinging left-handed to hit a ball that lies close to a tree or other obstacle.

The putter is the only club that is allowed to have two striking faces (as you would find on a flat-bladed putter, such as a Bullseye). A double-faced chipper is not a legal club [Appendix II, 4, d, p, 173].

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