Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ask Linda #1538-Which tee for provisional ball in mixed foursomes

Today my wife and I played in the club mixed foursomes event and the following question arose.

In this event men are required to tee off from the white tees on odd-numbered holes and women from the red tees on even-numbered holes. My question is as to what should happen when either a provisional ball is played from the tee or a team decides to play 3 off the tee.

Decision 29-1/3 makes it clear that the player who did not hit the original tee shot should play the provisional ball, or 3 off the tee, but the question is as to from where they play it. Two views have been expressed:

1. As the teeing ground for that hole is pre-determined –white tees for odd holes and red tees for even holes– then the provisional should be played from there. So men would hit from the red (women’s) tee and women from the white (men’s) tee.

2. The teeing ground is gender specific, so that if a male plays the provisional ball he should hit from the white (men’s) tee and if it is the woman who hits the provisional she should hit from the red (women’s) tee.

As the penalty for playing from the wrong place and not correcting it is disqualification, the answer is important and I have not been able to find a rule or decision that gives a definitive answer.

Can you assist?

Lou from Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Lou,

Yes. The provisional ball must be played from the same tee where the original ball was played. For example, if the man hits a ball from the white tee markers that may be lost or out of bounds, and the team decides to hit a provisional ball, the woman must hit the provisional ball from the white tee markers.

Decision 29/2 describes an analogous situation. In this Decision, a man hits his tee shot out of bounds from the back tee in mixed foursomes. The next stroke, which will be hit by the woman, must be played from the back tee.

In the case where the woman’s tee shot played from the forward tee requires a replay, the man must hit the next shot from the forward tee.

If you think about it for a minute, it will make sense to you. The ball is in play as soon as it is hit from the teeing ground. Once the ball is in play, all future procedures that involve hitting a ball from the spot where the previous shot was hit will require play from that precise location.

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