Friday, May 5, 2017

Ask Linda #1524-Flagstick blows over and strikes moving ball

Hi Linda,
I am a faithful follower of your blog from sunny and at times very windy Singapore.

I was playing at my home club last Sunday. It was very windy. The group in front of us did not put back the flagstick properly after putting out, so it was not vertical.

I was off the green after my second shot (it was a par 4). When I chipped the ball onto the green, the wind blew and the flagstick fell to the ground AFTER I hit the ball, and as a result the flagstick stopped my ball 2 feet from the hole. I had a tap in for par.

The question is: am I penalized for hitting the flagstick? Or is this a “rub of the green?” Should I have put the flagstick back properly before I hit my ball?

My flight mates saw what happened and they all confirmed that the flagstick fell after I hit the ball.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Lou from Singapore

Dear Lou,

There is no penalty for hitting a flagstick that is lying on the ground when your ball has been hit from off the putting green [Decision 17-3/3]. Neither is there a requirement to right the flagstick before you chip.

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