Monday, May 8, 2017

Ask Linda #1525-Brush away loose impediments with foot

Hi Linda,
I hit my drive to the left of the fairway. It sits on hardpan amongst small twigs, stones and acorns. I want to clear away the loose impediments behind the ball so I can make solid contact. I'm pretty sure I understand this rule.
The question I have is this: Instead of using my fingers to pick up a twig or two, I used my foot to brush away the twigs. The ball does not move. Is it allowable to use your foot as long as the ball remains in its original position and does not move?
Lou from South Carolina

Dear Lou,

Yes. There is no restriction on what you may use to move loose impediments. However, if they are close to your ball, it might be prudent to use your hands – you will incur a one-stroke penalty if you move the ball in the process of removing loose impediments, except on the putting green [Rules 18-2 and 23-1]. Don’t forget that you may not touch or move a loose impediment when both your ball and the loose impediment lie in the same hazard.

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