Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ask Linda #1080-Late claim

Player in match play does not know he has 15 clubs in his bag. Opponents notice, but they do not say anything. Opponents lose 2 and 1, then decide to notify player. Is it too late once the match is over?
Lou from Laconia, New Hampshire

Dear Lou,

Yes, it’s too late.

In match play, a player is allowed to ignore a breach of the Rules by his opponent, assuming there is no agreement by both parties to waive a Rule [Note 1 to Rule 2-5]. The opponent in your scenario noticed the breach (too many clubs) and chose to ignore it. This is acceptable.

However, if the opponent discovers a breach of the Rules and chooses not to ignore it, he must inform the player (and file a claim, if there is disagreement) before any player tees off on the next hole. He may not “save” it like a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to use at the end of the match.

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