Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ask Linda #1075a-Follow-up comment

One reason a player should consider not putting the ball in their pocket [Ask Linda #1075-Put ball in pocket] is if they have another ball in their pocket. In the somewhat unlikely event they were unable to identify which ball it was that was placed in the pocket, they could be guilty of illegal substitution.
Lou from Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Lou and readers,

If you are in the habit of keeping a spare ball in your pocket (perhaps you like to have one handy to use as a provisional), always make sure you can distinguish it from the original. If both balls are the same brand with the same personal identifying mark, you will want to make sure the number is different.

I would suggest that any ball you carry as a just-in-case provisional have a different mark than your original – if you mark your balls with two black dots, your provisional could have two red dots, three black dots, etc. If the tournament does not have the one-ball requirement, consider carrying a different brand ball in your pocket.

Always be conscious of exactly what ball you are playing (brand, mark, number), and never carry an identical ball in your pocket.