Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ask Linda #1388-Who may mark and lift a player’s ball?

Dear Linda, 
Many of us in the EWGA, love your articles and answers. Thank you.
A quick question: Is it ever okay for a partner or competitor to mark another player's ball on the green to speed up play? 
Thanks again, 
Lulu from Maryland

Dear Lulu,


The player’s partner is always entitled to mark and lift the player’s ball.

Any other person may lift the ball if authorized by the player. All that is required is a quick question: “Lulu, is it OK if I mark and lift your ball,” and a succinct answer, “Yes.” Be aware that if the authorized person somehow manages to mark and lift the player’s ball incorrectly (an unlikely event), the player is responsible for any breach of the Rules [Rule 20-1].

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