Monday, September 26, 2016

Ask Linda #1387-Relief for unplayable is in GUR

If a player decides to take a penalty drop using the unplayable rule, which means she would drop in GUR, does she get relief from the GUR? The two club-length relief option would have left her in a horrid place as well, so she chose to drop on the flagline.

I have attached a (badly) drawn picture of what I am trying to explain. Basically the ball was struck from the fairway and ended up in a patch of really thick grass. The player observed that a penalty drop sideways would have left her in a similar place to where she was. She decided to go back in line with the flag. This took her into GUR. There is no local rule that prevents you from playing in GUR.

So if she decided to drop in GUR while taking relief for an unplayable ball, could she also then get full relief from the GUR? So full relief from the ball’s original position and then full relief from the GUR?

Lulu from Jersey, UK (one of the Channel Islands which are a group of islands between the UK and France)

Dear Lulu,

The player may drop in the GUR, using the flagline relief option explained in Rule 28b. After she drops in the GUR, she is entitled to full relief from the GUR. The player who knows to do this is very savvy about the Rules. This situation demonstrates how advantageous a thorough knowledge of the Rules can be.

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