Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ask Linda #1383-Two-faced chipper

Hi Linda,
One of our members has a double-sided chipper, which means he can play both left-handed and right-handed with this club
My question in the first instance is whether this club is allowed, and secondly, if there are 14 clubs in his bag, including this club, can this be construed as having 15 clubs?
Really appreciate your informed opinions and keep up the good work.
Kind regards, 
Lou from Peacehaven, East Sussex, England

Dear Lou,

Rule 4-1 requires that all clubs conform to the specifications in Appendix II. A reading of Appendix II, 4d, “Striking Faces,” tells us that the clubhead must have only one striking face. There is an exception for putters, which may have two faces if they have the same characteristics, such as you would find on a blade putter.

The two-sided chipper is not a legal club. If a player makes a stroke with such a club, he is disqualified. If he is discovered carrying such a club, but has not used it, the penalty in stroke play is two strokes for each hole where the breach occurred, maximum four strokes per round. In match play, the status of the match is adjusted by deducting one hole for each hole where the breach occurred, maximum two holes per round.

Please read the long penalty statement that follows Rule 4-2 in your rulebook.

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