Monday, September 5, 2016

Ask Linda #1372-Ball damaged by sprinkler head

Hi Linda,
If a player's ball hit a sprinkler before it landed on the green and was damaged would the player be able to use a different ball to putt?
Lulu from Southern California

Dear Lulu,

It would depend on the extent of damage. You may only replace a ball if it is “unfit for play.” A ball is deemed unfit if it is visibly cut, cracked, or out of shape. You may not replace a ball during play of a hole if the surface is merely scraped or scratched, or the paint is damaged or discolored [Rule 5-3].

If you suspect your ball is unfit for play, you must ask your opponent or fellow competitor to come over and observe as you mark, lift, and examine the ball. Both of you will examine the ball. If it is determined that your ball is unfit, you may substitute another ball.

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