Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ask Linda #1385-Player putts after concession

I was playing a match today and gave a putt to my opponent. I picked up his ball and gave it to him. He replaced and putted out. Is this allowed?
Lou from Spain

Dear Lou,


Rule 2-4 states: “A concession may not be declined or withdrawn.” This means that as soon as you concede a putt (or the hole, or the match) to your opponent, the hole is over for him. In other words, if his ball lies three on the green, and you concede his putt, his score on the hole is four. He incurs no penalty for trying the putt after the concession, and you may not tell him that if he tries the putt you will withdraw your concession [Decision 2-4/6].

This answer applies to a singles match. The ruling is different if your opponent has a partner. In that case, if the player’s putt after the concession might help his partner (perhaps by showing him the line, or the break near the hole, or the speed of the green), the partner is disqualified from the hole.

If you want to avoid a Rules dispute, pick up your ball as soon as you receive a concession, and wait until everyone has completed the hole before you try the putt.

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