Friday, September 23, 2016

Ask Linda #1386-Ball moves when stake removed

On a par 3 there is a steep-banked ditch running about 10 yards across the front of the green. The player’s ball has crossed over the hazard but starts to roll back towards the ditch, coming to rest against the yellow stake marking the far side of the hazard.

What is the correct procedure if, when removing the yellow stake, (a) the ball rolls down the slope of the bank into the hazard; or (b) rolls just a few inches and then comes to rest. In both cases the ball is not nearer the hole.

Thanks for your attention.
Lou from Muswell Hill, London

Dear Lou,

If the ball moves due to the removal of the stake, the ball must be replaced [Rule 24-1a].

Please remember that a ball touching a hazard stake is in the hazard. All restrictions for a ball in a water hazard are in effect (e.g., the player may not ground his club; the player may not touch or move loose impediments, etc. – see Rule 13-4).

If the stake is immovable (or deemed immovable by the Committee), the player is not entitled to relief [Rule 24-2b, Note 1]. He must play the ball as it lies, or choose one of the relief options in Rule 26-1, all of which will require that he play his next shot behind the hazard (on the tee side of the hazard, not the green side).

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