Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ask Linda #1383a-Follow-up question to #1383 (Two-faced chipper)

Hi Linda, 
Many putters have a flange on the back that can be used to strike a ball. I use the back of my Ping Zing 2 and swing left-handed  when I have no right-handed stance. The flange picks the ball up like the blade of a chipper. I can't believe it is an illegal club as so many have them, but it sure seems to violate then two-sided chipper rule. What do you think?
Lou from Western Springs, Illinois

Dear Lou,

You may hit the ball with the “wrong” side of any club, Ping Zing 2’s included. What you are not permitted to carry is a two-faced club (except for a blade putter), which is a club that has identical striking faces on both sides. Some companies manufacture a two-sided chipper, which is an illegal club. Please don’t ask me why a company would manufacture an illegal club – that’s a question I have no answer for.

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