Friday, April 15, 2016

Ask Linda #1286-Accidentally drop club in bunker

A player, while removing a rake from a bunker, accidently drops his putter in the bunker. Is there a penalty, since he did not "place" the club in the bunker, but dropped it? 
Lou from Kailua, Hawaii

Dear Lou,

I received this very same question in 2009. The answer has not changed:

You will not incur a penalty for accidentally dropping your club –or even yourself, should you trip and fall– in a hazard. As long as you have not deliberately dropped your club or fallen in the sand to test the condition of the hazard, and you have not improved your lie, the area of your intended stance or swing, or your line of play, you’re good to go [Rule 13-4, Exception 1]. Pick yourself (or your club) up, dust yourself off, and proceed with your shot.

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