Friday, April 1, 2016

Ask Linda #1278-Status of cement supporting OB pole

Hi Linda,
Boundary fence question...
A ball lies at the base of the chain link OB fence and a portion of the ball is in bounds. Each of the poles in the ground has a four to six inch circle of cement to support the pole. The player's club may hit this cement semi-circle if he tries to hit his ball parallel to the fence to advance his ball. Is he entitled to relief because this cement is in bounds or no relief because it may be part of the OB fence?
It's never marked and there is no Local Rule describing this situation.
Lou from Ventura, California

Dear Lou,

When the posts of a boundary fence are set in concrete bases, the base is considered part of the fence and is not an obstruction [Decision 24/3]. Since there is no free relief from objects that define out of bounds, the player is not entitled to free relief if the concrete base interferes with his swing.

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