Friday, March 27, 2015

Ask Linda #1027-Ball in animal hole

Linda, never seen this one before or heard of it happening:

A friend of mine hits a ball that runs up a tree and drops back down in the rough (extra info). We know exactly where it was suppose to be, but can't find it for a minute until we notice it is lying in a hole that is about four inches deep and three inches wide. We grant him relief.

The question:
I realize all holes made by animals are now a free drop,  but how do I tell if a limb fell from the tree sometime before and made this hole (or some other non-animal reason), or whether it was actually caused by an animal?

Second scenario: Is a man considered to be an animal? If someone slams the iron into the soil and creates a hole and then doesn't repair such, what is the call when finding your ball in such?

Lou from Georgia

Dear Lou,

A hole made by a burrowing animal should be recognizable. In my experience, it is smooth, fairly regular in shape, and beveled at the opening. It should not be difficult to differentiate a gouge made by a falling tree limb from an entrance into an animal burrow.

Man is an animal, but he is not a burrowing animal. There is no relief if your ball lands in a depression made by an angry, inconsiderate golfer. Someone in his group should have asked him to repair the damage, or repaired it himself if he feared mentioning it.

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