Friday, March 6, 2015

Ask Linda #1012-Ball assisting play

Hi Linda,

I was playing a Match and my shot landed on the green. My opponent's shot landed in the green-side bunker. When I went to mark my ball, my opponent insisted that I leave it and not lift it. He stated that "he controlled" my ball. (He wanted to use it as a possible backstop.) I was equally adamant that I was allowed to mark it since it was on the green.  

I could not find anything specific to this situation in the Rule regarding Match Play.

Who was right?
Lou from Charleston, South Carolina

Dear Lou,

When a player believes that his ball at rest may assist another player, he is entitled to lift it [Rule 22-1]. This Rule pertains to both match play and stroke play, and is not limited to a ball on the green.

A ball that may serve as a backstop on the green is clearly in a position to assist your opponent. You are entitled to lift it, and should do so. If your opponent objects, he can file a claim (which will be rejected by the Committee when it is reviewed). There is no such thing as one player “controlling” another player’s ball.

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