Monday, March 2, 2015

Ask Linda #1008-Ball on green moved by ball from off green

Linda, please give me the rule and penalty if any on the following situation:
Foursome playing par 4, we all hit approach shots to green.
Three balls on green and one just off.
The farthest (with hitting rights) is on the green and putts first, stopping close to hole.
The second to hit is just off the green and hits onto green hitting the first ball putted.

Is there a penalty and if so what is it and who is it on?

Thanks so much for your reply.
Lou from Florida

Dear Lou,

There is no penalty to anyone when a ball hit from off the green strikes and moves a ball lying on the green. The moved ball must be replaced [Rule 18-5]. The ball that was hit from off the green must be played as it lies [Rule 19-5a].

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