Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ask Linda #1026-Practice putting during round

Linda, during a match, am I allowed to practice putting on the green on which I have just holed out? If so, do the same rules apply to match play and stroke play?
Lou from Warrington, England

Dear Lou,

Yes to both questions.

Between the play of two holes you are permitted to practice putting or chipping on or near (1) the putting green of the hole you last played, (2) the practice putting green (assuming it is nearby), and (3) the teeing ground of the next hole. You are NOT permitted to take any practice strokes in a hazard, nor may you practice if it will delay anyone’s play. The rule is the same in both match play and stroke play (Rule 7-2).

HOWEVER (sorry, but there always seems to be a “however” built into the rules), the Committee in charge of the competition has the right to prohibit practicing putting on the green of the hole last played (most professional golf tournaments impose this restriction). When you receive your rules sheet for the tournament, please read it carefully to see if the Committee included a rule to prohibit practice putting.

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