Friday, February 21, 2014

Ask Linda #798-Relief questions

Hi Linda,

In our recent outing we encountered the following:

1. My playing partner's tee shot went into the rough and it was in a horrible lie and we were able to identify the ball at his. Can he declare his ball lost and apply Rule 27? 

2. My ball went into an unraked bunker and settled into a big footprint that looked like a bird's nest. Do I have a relief invoking Rule 25?

Lou from California

Dear Lou,

1. A player may not “declare” his ball “lost.” However, when he returns to the tee and puts another ball in play under stroke and distance [Rule 27-1], his original ball is officially “lost” under the Rules [Definition of “Lost Ball”].

This player should declare his ball “unplayable”. Stroke and distance is one of the three relief options for an unplayable ball [Rule 28].

Regardless of whether he mistakenly declares the ball “lost” or accurately declares it “unplayable,” he has proceeded correctly under the Rules when he plays the ball under stroke and distance.

2. No. Even if a child had built a sand castle in the bunker, and your ball had crossed the drawbridge and settled in the parlor, you would still have to play it as it lies. The only available relief will cost you one penalty stroke (unplayable ball).

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