Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ask Linda #789a-Late arrival, tournament delayed

Linda, following up on Ask Linda #789, what happens if the player’s starting time is 9:00 am, he doesn't arrive until 9:15, but his group teed off at 9:13 because the tournament was running behind…stroke and match play rulings plse and thx
Lou from Ontario

Dear Lou,

If the 9:00 starting time has been delayed until 9:13, a player arriving at the tee at 9:15 will be penalized two strokes in stroke play, loss of hole in match play. This player has arrived late, but within five minutes of the new starting time. If he were to arrive at 9:19 or later, he would be disqualified [Rule 6-3a].

There would be no penalty if the player arrived at the tee by 9:13 [Decision 6-3a/4].

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