Friday, August 30, 2019

Ask Linda 1988- Hit ball through legs

Hi Linda,
Thank you for your valuable input and information, it’s great.

Yesterday, one of our team members was close to a tree and wanted to play the ball as follows:

Rather than standing parallel to the tree and play the shot with one hand from the side of his foot, backwards, he stood parallel to the tree and hit the ball through his legs, backwards with the same movement, backswing and through swing.

I said I will check with our specialist but I think it’s not a breach of a rule but obviously to be careful that his through swing doesn’t go too far. 

Lou from Germany 

Dear Lou,

Rule 10.1c does not permit you to make a stroke while you are standing across the line of play. If I understand your question correctly, the player deliberately placed his feet on each side of the line of play. The penalty is the general penalty.

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