Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ask Linda #1689-Inform opponent of penalty

Dear Linda, 
Question:  when playing in a Match Play event, don't you have to inform your opponent of a penalty you incurred, doing it right away as their strategy may be changed?  I know you should do it "as soon as practical" but that could be several minutes later.  

Sound too nit-picky?  (Maybe I do take this stuff too much to heart.)  
Lulu from Leawood, Kansas

Dear Lulu,

“As soon as practicable” could take several minutes, and might, on occasion, not happen before the opponent plays her next stroke. Consider a player deep in the woods who accidentally moves her ball while removing a loose impediment. She replaces the ball and punches out. Her ball comes out of the woods and settles closer to the hole than her opponent’s ball, so her opponent immediately takes her shot. The player is not required to come racing out of the woods screaming, “Don’t hit! I need to tell you I incurred a penalty!” She should notify her opponent that she incurred a penalty as soon as practicable, which in this example would be when she exits the woods and her opponent is within hearing distance. Please read Decision 9-2/1.

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