Monday, January 29, 2018

Ask Linda #1687-Order of play when one ball off green

Hi Linda,
Many thanks for running a very informative blog for the golfers.
I have following question:
Player A hits second shot which lands on the green about 20 feet away from the hole. Player B hits his second shot which lands about eight feet away from the hole but on the fairway. 
Who has the priority to hit his 3rd shot, player A, who would use a putter, or player B, who has a choice to chip or putt but is not on the green?
Thanks and with best wishes for you,
Lou from Lahore, Pakistan

Dear Lou,

The ball farthest from the hole is played first [Rules 10-1b and 10-2b]. In your narrative, the player whose ball lies on the green 20 feet from the hole will play before the player whose ball lies on the fairway 8 feet from the hole.

In match play, there is no penalty if a player plays out of order. However, his opponent has the option to recall the player’s shot [Rule 10-1c].

In stroke play, there is no penalty if a player plays out of order. However, if the competitors deliberately play out of order to give one of them an advantage, the penalty is disqualification [Rule 10-2c].

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Response from a reader from Australia regarding pace of play:

It is also worth noting that the USGA and the R&A have been encouraging golfers to enhance the golfing experience by speeding up play where sensible and feasible, supporting Ready Golf while playing stroke play.  In your narrative, a practical expression of this could be for the person off the green but closest to the pin to play first if, for example, the person on the green but further away is still making his way towards his ball.  That is, it may not be appropriate to doggedly apply Rule 10-2 if it will slow play for a competition field.