Monday, January 22, 2018

Ask Linda #1682-Tie two tees together to prevent loss

Hi Linda,
In order to speed up play looking for tees, I and a number of other players tie up 2 tees with string and this has proved successful in this goal.
However, while playing a match yesterday it was pointed out by my opponent that this is against the Rules of Golf and could be construed as assisting with alignment. In reality this is not the case as the spare tee is put to the side and not in front or behind the teed ball.
Your clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Great blog, as always.
Lou from Peacehaven, East Sussex, England 

Dear Lou,

Rule 8-2a states that if a player places a mark to indicate his line of play, he must remove that mark before he makes his stroke. If the second, attached tee is intentionally placed to help the player with his alignment or line of play, it is not legal; if it is casually dropped to the side, with no intention to assist the player, it is legal. 

I would suggest you show Rule 8-2a (last sentence) to anyone questioning you about using the attached tees. If they are not convinced, it might be best to use a single tee that day and avoid a protracted argument.

This link will explain everything you need to know about tees:

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