Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ask Linda #1680-Player records incorrect date on scorecard

Dear Linda,
I hope you can help me with the following.

I closed two competitions today - Saturday 18th March [2017] and Tuesday 21st March.

I had eight ladies who signed for the Tuesday competition on the 21st but dated the card the 18th, and one lady who did not date the card at all.

I cannot find anywhere a rule about it being mandatory for the competition date to be recorded, so I’m assuming that the one lady that did not record a date would be fine - but I am unsure about the others as I could argue they signed the book under the incorrect date or they entered the date incorrectly on their cards.

Your help with this matter would be much appreciated. I have closed the competitions and they are now on How Did I Do.

Thank you - hope that this email finds you well.
Lulu from the UK

Dear Lulu,

The answer to your question is found in Rule 33-5. The Committee is responsible for recording the date on the scorecard. There is no penalty to the player for recording an incorrect date, as it was not her responsibility to record the date. This is similar to addition of scores, where there is no penalty to the player who incorrectly totals the score, as this responsibility also lies with the Committee.

The player is only responsible for recording the following on his scorecard:
1. the player’s signature (or initials)
2. the marker’s signature (or initials)
3. 18 correct hole scores (in the correct order)
4. the player’s correct handicap (if required)

Everything else is the Committee’s responsibility. The player is not penalized for the omission or incorrect recording of any information that is the responsibility of the Committee.

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