Friday, January 12, 2018

Ask Linda #1676-Move flagstick while ball in motion

Once the flagstick is taken out of the hole and placed on the green, if you see someone’s’ putted ball headed for the flagstick, can you move it to avoid it being hit? Thank you for your answer.
Lulu from Green Valley, Arizona

Dear Lulu,


You may pick up a flagstick lying on the ground while the ball is in motion. Unfortunately for golfers seeking out this ruling, it does not appear in Rule 17: The Flagstick, where logical people might look for it. Instead, you have to read the last paragraph before the Note in Rule 24-1: Obstructions, to find the answer:

When a ball is in motion, an obstruction that might influence the movement of the ball, other than equipment of any player or the flagstick when attended, removed or held up, must not be moved.

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