Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ask Linda #1581-Ask -Play out of turn

Good morning Linda,
What is the rule if a player (who uses a golf cart) hits his ball farther than others and then drives to his ball and plays it before the others at the back can reach or even hit their balls? Is there a rule that states that the one far back should hit first? Would there be a penalty for a player that plays out of turn?
Kindly advise.
Kimberley, South Africa

Dear Lou,

Please read this column I published in 2010, which explains order of play:

Please note that while players in stroke play are generally encouraged to play “ready golf,” speeding up to your ball lying way ahead of your companions and hitting before they arrive at their balls is not what is meant by “ready golf.” This is poor etiquette, plain and simple, and may actually slow play. If you have asked the player to wait his turn, and he continues this odd behavior, try to contact a Committee member. I would hope that one polite request would fix the problem.

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