Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ask Linda #1576-Lost ball found in hole

Hi Linda, 
Near twilight on a longish par-3, a player hit a low hook that appeared to carom off a bunker face into the very thick rough beyond. We all searched for 5 minutes, to no avail, and the player returned to the tee box to hit again. After he hit, we walked onto the green and lo and behold his original ball was in the cup. Was the hole over for him as soon as the original ball was found in the bottom of the cup?
Thank you, 
Lou from Western Springs, Illinois

Dear Lou,

The hole is completed as soon as the ball is holed [Decision 1-1/3]. None of the shots he hit after the ball was holed will count in his score.

The player scored a hole in one! The drinks are on him.

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