Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ask Linda #1572-Replace ball on wrong spot

Player A marked his ball on the green and after lifting it realized that the ball was on a small hole-like depression about the diameter of the ball. When he was to replace the ball, he decided to place the ball at the edge of the hole-like depression with some part of the ball overhanging the hole-like depression since he could not claim it to be an old golf ball mark or plugs. He putted at this position. Has he infringed on any rule?
Lou from Nigeria

Dear Lou


If a ball is placed on a spot other than the spot from which it was lifted, and the error is not corrected before the player hits the ball, the penalty is loss of hole in match play, two strokes in stroke play [Rules 20-3a, 20-1].

There is a Local Rule that may be adopted to give players relief from aeration holes [Appendix I, Part A, #3d]. In the absence of such a Local Rule, players must replace the ball on the exact spot from which it was lifted.

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