Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ask Linda #1575-Touch green to indicate aim point

If a partner touches the green to the side and even with the cup is it a penalty? It is not on the line of the intended putt but an aim point.

As you probably figured out my friends and I are rules enthusiasts. We are members of the Fort Lauderdale chapter of the EWGA. We play in a lot of competitions. 

Thanks for your help.
Lulu from Hollywood, Florida

Dear Lulu,

The player’s partner is not permitted to touch the green or to place a mark on the green to indicate the line of putt or aim point [Rule 8-2b; Decision 8-2b/0.5]. The player (not the partner who touches the green) incurs a loss-of-hole penalty in match play, a two-stroke penalty in stroke play. The penalty is assessed as soon as the green is touched or a mark is placed; it cannot be undone be removing the pointer (flagstick, foot, finger) or the mark.

The partner may point to a spot where the player should aim, but she may not touch that spot.

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