Monday, November 21, 2016

Ask Linda #1424-Ball lands in cart

Hi Linda,
I have question: What is the rule when the ball is hit into a cart parked on the course near the hole and the ball is lodged in the cart and the cart moves away from the hole and the player is told his ball is in the cart back at the tee? Does he play the ball at a new location or where the cart was when hit?
Lou from Tasmania, Australia

Dear Lou,

When a ball lands in a cart and the cart subsequently drives away, the ball must be dropped on the spot directly under the place in the cart where the ball landed. The person who witnessed this occurrence should be enlisted to point out that spot to the player. If the player cannot recover his ball (as in your situation), he may drop another one. The drop must not be closer to the hole [Rule 19-1].

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