Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ask Linda #1419a-Follow-up to #1419 (Drop outside hazard is in casual water)

Hi Linda,
Regarding this situation, say there are multiple areas the player can drop 2 club-lengths from point of entry into the hazard. If one of those areas does not have casual water, can the player choose to drop in the casual water to then get a free drop which would ultimately better his lie and position, or must he/she take relief in the area with no casual water if it exists?
Lou from Chicago, Illinois

Dear Lou,

The player is entitled to drop anywhere within two club-lengths, no closer to the hole. There is nothing to prevent the player from dropping in casual water (even if a dry spot is available). The Rules-savvy golfer will assess his situation and drop in the spot that is most advantageous. If the area where he would have to drop to obtain free relief from the casual water would significantly improve his situation, give the man a round of applause for knowing his rights. I have always preached that knowing the Rules can help save strokes and win matches.

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