Friday, November 4, 2016

Ask Linda #1415-Measure relief with headcover still on club

Dear Linda,
Sorry to bother you again. This time its about whether you can or cannot keep the head cover of your club on, when measuring one- or two-club-length relief.
When I mentioned this to a golf friend of mine, that it is a one-stroke penalty if the head cover is not taken off the club, he did not believe me.
Where can I find this in writing, or am I wrong?
Very best regards,
Lou from Málaga, Spain

Dear Lou,

When a player chooses or is required to drop within one club-length, the ball must first strike the course within one club-length. If he measures that club-length with a headcover on the club, and drops the ball at the very end of that prescribed distance beyond the end of the club where the length is extended by the headcover, he will have to lift and re-drop the ball. The ball may not strike the ground beyond the end of the actual club (minus the headcover). There is no penalty for the re-drop [Rule 20-6]. If the player plays the ball that has hit the ground beyond the distance of one club-length, he has played from a wrong place [see Rule 20-7 for penalties and procedure].

While it is recommended that the player measure the area in which he will drop a ball with an actual club, there is no penalty for not using a club provided the ball strikes the ground within a one-club-length distance. There is no penalty for leaving the headcover on the measuring club, as long as the player drops in the correct area.

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