Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ask Linda #1049-Touch partner’s line of putt

Hello Linda,
A and B are partners in a Four-Ball Match Play Competition. A touches B’s line of putt to indicate where to putt her ball. What is the penalty and is it applied to both A and B? Thanks very much.
Lulu from British Columbia, Canada                                                                                                            

Dear Lulu,

The player’s partner is not permitted to touch the green to indicate a line for putting when the player’s ball is on the green [Rule 8-2b]. This prohibition also extends to either of their caddies. The penalty in match play is loss of hole, and the penalty is assessed to the player who was putting.

The partner (the one who touched the green) is subject to penalty only if her action assisted her own play [Rule 30-3f]. It would seem unlikely in this case that she incurred a penalty.

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